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Why Choose Plantation Shutters for Your Houston Home?

Plantation shutters have a long history, with origins dating all the way back to ancient Greece. When a product is in use for that many centuries, it must be doing something right. Plantation shutters are beautiful, functional, and cost-effective for any home. Using plantation shutters for your interior and exterior windows puts you in control of your home’s light, temperature, and ventilation. Whether you’re unhappy with your shutters or don’t have shutters at all, plantation style may be your best home improvement choice this year.

Increase Property Value With Houston Plantation Shutters

plantation shutters in Houston nurseryPlantation shutters are one of the only window treatments you can add to the listing price of your home. This is because they typically don’t leave with the seller like custom draperies and other Houston window treatments. They are permanent fixtures in a home. Interior shutters are highly desirable window dressings. Plantation Shutters add a level of class, elegance, and sophistication to any room. In pleasant neutral colors such as white or natural wood, these shutters don’t impede a potential buyer’s decision.

Make Your Home More Comfortable With Shutters

Adding shutters to bare windows is a great way to add comfort to your home. Shutters can control how much light enters a room, filling a sitting room with sunlight or blocking UV rays for a pleasantly cool interior. They block unwelcome noise pollution such as neighbors or traffic. They are low maintenance compared to other window coverings, needing only an easy dusting every so often to keep them clean. The hardwood or polywood material does not collect dust or dander as curtains do, making them a great choice to reduce household allergens.

Save Money By Installing Plantation Shutters

Houston Plantation Shutters are a cheaper investment than custom draperies. They last longer than other shutters and blinds and are more resistant to wear and tear. Plantation shutters also protect your furnishings from harsh sunlight, saving you money in repairs and replacements. Finally, these shutters work wonders to reduce energy and electric bills. They reflect solar radiation in the summer, keeping your home cooler. Closing the shutters in the winter effectively keeps out cold air, providing a solid barrier to chilly drafts. You’ll save on heating and cooling bills.

Customize Your Houston Shutters

As with other window treatment options, you can fully customize your plantation shutters to your specific needs and tastes – without the bespoke price tag. Since plantation shutters are permanent fixtures, customization is a routine request, not necessarily a special order. Choose your shutter size, shape, material, color, louver size, inside or outside mount, and more. Custom window treatments improve the look, feel, and value of a home. By customizing your plantation shutters, you can get the exact solution you want. If you plan to sell your home, customized plantation shutters look great on a home’s listing and in photographs.

Work with Professionals for the Perfect Plantation Shutters

If plantation shutters sound like a window treatment item that could improve your Houston home, don’t hesitate to contact The Shading Company. Our team can come to your location, take measurements, and help you come up with the best plantation shutter material and design for your needs. We will install your custom shutters and make the entire process a breeze.

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