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Would Your Houston Home Benefit From an Exterior Shading System?

When you think of shading systems for your home, you probably imagine interior shades. Many people don’t realize that exterior shades are just as important to the comfort and style of a home. Exterior shading products such as retractable screens, awnings, and security shutters can lower your energy bills, add property value, and keep your family safe in times of poor weather in Houston. Rain or shine, exterior shades can be an incredible asset. Here are six reasons to invest in exterior shades any time of year.

The Advantages of Houston Exterior Shades

Houston retractable patio, window and door screensOutdoor shades and solar screens can make an enormous difference in the temperature, comfort, and energy savings of your home. Exterior shades block the sun and its harmful UV rays from ruining your carpets and furniture. They leave indoor surfaces cooler, considerably lowering air conditioning costs. They allow your family to enjoy outdoor spaces more in every season. With custom exterior shades, you can be as creative as you want with your Houston window treatments. Choose your type, style, color, fabrics, and how much sunlight you want to let into your Texas home.

Outdoor shades stop sunlight and heat from ever entering your home. The sunlight will not heat your windows as it does with interior shades, making for an all-around cooler home. Remote-controlled outdoor shades make changing the amount of sunlight in your home a breeze. You won’t even have to get up from your sofa to alter the settings on your exterior shades. The right exterior shading system can make major improvements to how you and your family rest and play this summer.

Transform an Existing Spaces Using Solar Sun Screens

Screens have come a long way in the last decade. New technologies have made modern screening systems more durable, breathable, and versatile than ever before. The right screens can transform an outdoor living space into a comfortable, shady, and pest-free area to sit and relax year-round. Convert an existing porch or patio into a lovely screened room or create a brand new one from the ground up. With the right screening company in Houston, the options are as endless as your imagination.

Outdoor solar screens can enclose a Houston patio, deck, or veranda, creating an ultra-comfortable indoor-outdoor living space. Creating more usable spaces can increase your home’s value. Motorized and retractable screens and enclosures optimize homeowner convenience, letting you change your settings without lifting a finger. Houston retractable screens are there when you need them and all but invisible when you don’t. They are the perfect compromise if you can’t decide whether you want to screen in a space. Customize your screens for maximum returns on investment.

Retractable Awnings for Optimal Outdoor Comfort

retractable awnings for Houston decks, pools, patios and porchesThere’s nothing like sitting in the cool shade of an awning on a balmy summer day in Texas. If you long to enjoy the outdoors but aren’t comfortable in your outdoor spaces, consider investing in retractable awnings. Retractable awnings offer double functionality – creating a comfortable outdoor space and keeping the interior of your home protected from the sun.

Installing awnings can make any pool deck, patio, or porch livable, lowering the temperature and facilitating a breeze on even the hottest Houston days. From inside your home, awnings block the sun and help you control your interior temperatures without excess energy costs. Enjoy comfortable temperatures at low cost no matter where you choose to relax.

When you opt for Houston retractable awnings, you get the best of both worlds. Awnings appear when you want to spend time outdoors, and vanish when you’d rather enjoy the sunlight. Modern technologies have vastly improved awnings, coming with optional sun and wind sensors. These sensors will automatically retract or extend awnings according to your settings. With motorized, remote-controlled awnings, you don’t even have to get up to enjoy your exterior shading system.

Prep Your Patio for Summer

If your home’s patios aren’t covered, you’re losing square feet of valuable living space. Uncovered patios are all but useless on swelteringly hot days or in the rain. Installing a shading solution such as a louvered patio cover system, on the other hand, opens the doors to 24/7 patio enjoyment – day and night, summer and winter, rain or shine. You and your family can enjoy all the amenities of your home regardless of the weather with the right patio cover.

Louvers are an incredible solution for outdoor patios and decks because they adapt to your exact preferences. You can position louvers anywhere within a 160-degree range, deciding how much ventilation and protection you desire. Completely shut the panels, turn them vertical for full sun, or slant them left and right for indirect and directional sunshine. Solar-powered battery packs make this an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. Louvers are made of durable aluminum, meaning they will last you years without needing repair or replacement.

Safe Storm Protection Systems

Houston has seen many severe storms with high-speed winds, heavy rain, and hail. Protect your home with a smart, affordable solution – storm shutters. Storm shutters, or roll shutters, are an excellent investment to keep your home and family safe in the event of a bad storm. These shutters are almost invisible when retracted, letting your other window treatments shine. In the event of a storm, extend these uniquely designed shutters to protect your windows, doors, sliding glass doors, and skylights from winds and dangerous debris. In a bad storm, you can make up the cost of storm shutters in the savings you enjoy from a carefully protected property.

Bahama Shutters

As pleasant as they sound, Bahama shutters have a unique tropical appearance that adds style and intrigue to your home. These exterior shutters cover windows with a hinge at the top, extending outward in a V shape from your siding. Bahama shutters limit the amount of sunlight in a room and allow for excellent ventilation. Shutting and latching these shutters make them double as storm shutters, with code-approved hurricane protection if you choose.

Bahama Shutters - Galveston, TX

Bahama shutters come in a variety of attractive color choices, or you can opt for HV low-profile decorative shutters and match your colors to your building after assembly. No matter which exterior shading option speaks to you, partner with The Shading Company of Houston for purchase and installation.

motorized roman shades houston, tx

3 Reasons Your Houston Home Needs Motorized Shades

Motorized drapes, screens, and shades are an easy and increasingly popular way to update a home, but are they right for you?

If you’re interested in making your life easier, your home more attractive, and increasing your property value, consider upgrading to motorized shades. With one quick, clean installation, your house will become more functional – and time spent fighting heavy curtains or stubborn shades disappears. There’s simply no easier or more stylish way to make a dramatic difference in a room than by motorizing the window treatments.

How Can Motorized Shades Improve Your Home?

The convenience of motorized shades can’t be overstated. From saving time and simplifying life to conserving energy, motorization is an improvement in every way. If you want to simplify life while increasing your home’s value, install new, Houston motorized shades.


Motorized Roller Shades


Indoor Shades

The home’s interior is first place homeowners think of when talking about shades. Whether dealing with awkward window height or wanting to stay snug in bed, Houston interior motorized shades can make life inside the home a dream. Here are a few of the benefits they provide:

  • Versatility. Motorize shades are ideal for tall windows, where traditional shades can be difficult to manage. No more struggling with long cords or worrying about shades getting where you can’t reach. Motorized shades are designed to prevent the usual twisting and jamming of pull cords.

    Bay windows can also present a problem when it comes to accessibility. Many homeowners take advantage of the window seat area by using it as a miniature plant conservatory. This lovely feature quickly becomes an annoyance when night falls and someone has to climb over potted plants to reach the blinds.

    With a motor, you’ll never have to clamber past flora or furniture to preserve your privacy. Simply lower the shades from across the room with the press of a button.

  • Usability. Drapes can be cumbersome, but a mechanical alternative takes one finger instead of both hands to control light in your living room. And there’s no need to fuss with pull backs or ties.

    If you like the look of your home’s drapes, there’s no need to discard them. With extensive style and color options, you can find a shade that works with your existing window treatments. Pull the decorative drapes to the side, and leave them there forever. The motorized shade will do all the work.

  • Convenience. Sometimes you’d rather not stop what you’re doing to adjust the shades. There’s no need to leave the table or your bed to lower the shades when a remote will do it for you.
  • Outdoor Shades

    There are some situations in which Houston outdoor shades present an advantage over indoor ones. For example, they block light more effectively than indoor shades, and they offer an additional layer of outdoor protection for your windows. But sometimes a room’s layout or furniture arrangement prevents sufficient shading from being hung indoors.

    In these situations, motorized outdoor shades come to the rescue. They do the same work as indoor options, but with the added convenience of having them outside the window. These are durable enough to withstand weathering and intense sunlight.


    Electric- Retractable Screens Texas



    Houston motorized awnings may offer the greatest advantages. To manually raise or lower an awning takes physical effort, sometimes standing in a below-window garden, and can end with the awning coming down directly on your head. Motorized awnings raise or lower at your wish.


    Sunsetter Awnings Houston


    Outdoor Screens

    Installing motorized screens outdoors can transform your outdoor space from a covered deck to a screened-in porch in seconds. If you’re enjoying a cookout, leave the area open. When you want to relax at the end of the day, lower the screens to cherish the open air and keep mosquitoes at bay. Imagine having a room that changes its nature depending on your plans. You can even lower your screens partially to allow pets to come and go as they please.

    Motorized screens offer the lighting control of manual screens with the advantages of convenience, ease of use, comfort, flexibility, and durability. Give your home the update it deserves. Installation is fast and easy. Try it out today! (713) 597-2884

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