Houston Security and Hurricane Shutters

Roll Shutter Storm Protection Systems – Houston, TX

Rolling Hurricane ShuttersWhen built into a new Houston home, Roll Shutters also called Storm or Security Shutters, are virtually invisible and can be closed via electric motor. While in the closed position, they not only provide storm protection, they also protect from forced entry and theft. The unique design of these roll-up hurricane shutters can protect doors, windows, sliding glass doors, and other openings not only from the winds but also from the debris that are tossed about by the winds. The system can be activated manually by crank or remotely using a motorized system.

Houston and surrounding area residents who live close to the coast are well aware of the dangers posed by hurricanes. The devastation caused by the high speed winds are enough to cause expensive damage to homeowners without protection. That is why Houston hurricane shutters are so important.

Hurricane shutters work and operate in a similar manner to an old fashioned roll-up window blind. Slats of metal are pieced together and rolled up in a coil. Unrolling the coil allows the shutter to cover the opening and offer the protection. Rolling it back up removes the shutter and allows the door or window to be used in a normal manner.


Retractable Storm Shutters – Houston, TX

The ability to retract the hurricane shutters when not in use is a great asset to Texas homeowners. Installing and then removing plywood boards for each storm can not only be a real hassle, but also expensive. When you calculate the price of materials, the time spent gathering the wood and the time used installing the boards over windows and doors it can be rather costly. That is one reason so many Houston homeowners are choosing to invest in hurricane shutters and save themselves the trouble of using plywood the next time a storm is on the horizon.

Hurricane shutters can be installed on any existing home and matched to the exact specifications of the home’s dimensions. The high grade aluminum used in their construction is designed to last for years with little need for maintenance or worry.

In addition to customizing the size of your hurricane shutters, you can also choose from a wide assortment of available colors and finishes. This means that your storm shutters will not only be protective, but they will look good too. Customers that like to use exterior shutters to reduce excessive heat and glare will also appreciate the good looks that our custom hurricane shutters provide.